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How does this work?
descrybe has had servers working 24/7 since February 2023 reading judicial opinions and using AI to summarize and make them searchable. The generated opinion summaries in the search results are a way to quickly assess a case to see if it is relevant, drastically reducing your research time.
What makes this different than other case search engines? lets you use natural language to search, and it can find relevant cases without having to match exact words. For example, if you search for golf course, it will also search for cases related to country clubs. In addition, the summaries are in conversational English so anyone can read and understand them.
Why are you offering this for free?
We believe that the democratization of information is crucial for a functioning society. Also, we know many solo practitioners, journalists, or others with an interest in legal research are currently priced out of the legal AI market. It is a part of our mission to help level the playing field.
Is this related to ChatGPT?
No. While we use a similar AI engine to ChatGPT to summarize complex legal documents, does not use ChatGPT.
What states can I search?
We are currently getting all states up to date with state supreme, appellant and trial court cases, and also starting to load and summarize Federal Appellate and District Court cases. The specific states you can search now are on the Search page.
Why don't you have cases for every state?
We will, but loading and summarizing case opinions is an arduous and time-consuming process. We are limited both by the number of cases we can load each day, and the amount of case text we can summarize each day. We are pushing against these limits every day, and eventually we will have all available state supreme, appellate, and trial court cases plus federal district and appellate court cases loaded and searchable.
Is this searching the internet?
No, is not searching the internet or making things up on the fly in response to requests. Our search engine doesn't know about anything other than the cases it has already summarized, and therefore it cannot conflate cases together or "hallucinate" answers.
Can I use these summaries in my own work?
These summaries and the search results are for reference only to point you in the right direction for your research. While we are confident in the summaries, they have not been human verified, and you should not assume their accuracy without verifying against the original judicial opinions. Please see our Legal page for more information.
I don't see a case I expect to see.
Our data covers published cases with decision dates starting Jan 1, 1980 through current day, depending on the state. Further, only cases with written opinions are included.
What do you track?
We only track what is necessary to make the tool work. Specifically: We have Google Analytics so we can see general website traffic, but there's nothing to individually identify you; We don't have any Facebook, Twitter, or other 3rd party tracking code on our website.